Clinic Software

Ideal software for simple, seamless urodynamics studies

Easy to learn and use the Clinic software automatically marks & analyses events during procedure, making studies faster and more accurate.


  • Designed for touch-screen functionality
  • Automated real-time analysis measures & highlights cough & valsalva leak point pressures
  • Removes the need for users to perform post-processing increases patient throughput
  • Split-screen freeze frame allows monitoring of live data while editing paused results
  • Quick Physician’s letter or detailed Clinical report with all information
  • Offers automatic puller or assisted hand pull option for simple and precise UPP measurements
  • Smart Capture software automatically recognizes and records whenever fluoroscopy is triggered, integrating X-ray imaging into the urodynamics study
  • Studies include: Complex Uroflowmetry, Cystometry with Voiding Pressure Studies, Urethral Pressure Profiles & Electromyography
  • Compatible with Spinning disk or Bluetooth weight cell for recording uroflowmetry
Leak point Pressures
Leak point Pressures
Urethral Pressure Profiles
Urethral Pressure Profiles